31 Million BonusLink Points

To Be Won Weekly

1. What is the "31 Million BonusLink Points to be won weekly" contest all about?
"31 Million BonusLink Points to be won weekly" contest is where Members have to shop and swipe their BonusLink Cards at Shell and/or any other BonusLink Partner to stand a chance to win up to 200X Points for every BonusLink Point collected in a particular week.
2. What is the duration of the contest?
16 November 2011 to 15 February 2012 (both dates are inclusive).
3. Who is eligible to participate in this Contest?
This contest is open to all BonusLink Members who are 18 years old and above. Employees of Shell and BonusKad Loyalty Sdn. Bhd., its media and advertising / promotion agencies and their immediate families / relatives are not eligible to participate.
4. Are Supplementary BonusLink Members entitled to participate in this contest?
Both Primary Members and Supplementary Members who are 18 years old and above may participate in this contest.
5. How do I qualify for this Contest?
Step 1) You MUST purchase at least RM30 worth of fuel/lubricant and swipe your BonusLink Card at Shell - qualified for 100X.

Step 2) Shop at any of our Partners' outlets listed 'here' and swipe your BonusLink Card - qualified for 200X.
6. What do I win when I complete Step 1 and/or Step 2 above?
With Step 1, the selected winner will be awarded 100X Points for Points accumulated at Shell in a particular week provided each of their Shell transactions meet the minimum qualifying criteria.

With Step 2, if the winner shopped at any other BonusLink Partner is the same winning week, a total of 200X Points will be awarded, i.e. : combination of Normal Points accumulated at Shell + other Partners will be multiplied by 200X.
7. What If I only shopped and swiped at BonusLink Partner(s) other than Shell. Do I qualify?
Sorry, no, Step 1 is mandatory. You must firstly pump/purchase at least RM30 at Shell to qualify for this Contest.
8. What if I only shopped and swiped at Shell? Will I win anything?
Yes, if you are shortlisted as a winner, you will be awarded 100X Points for your accumulated Points at Shell in a particular week.
9. If I win, are the Points calculated at Card Level or at Account level?
This contest is at Card level, meaning only the one Card's transaction is taken into account in the calculation of accumulated Points for the week. However, as per our normal T&Cs, Points awarded to the Supplementary Member will automatically go into the Household Account.
10. I am the Supplementary Member. Can I have the winning Points credited to my own Account instead?
Yes, provided BonusLink is notified prior to the winning Points being credited
11. How are the Points calculated?

  Total Normal Points collected in 1 week Extra Points
Scenario 1
Qualified Entries Shell 30 Points 30 Points 30 Points x 100 =
3,000 Extra Points
Any other BonusLink Partner 0 Point
Scenario 2
Qualified Entries DOUBLE UP Shell 30 Points 70 Points 70 Points x 200 =
14,000 Extra Points
Any other BonusLink Partner 40 Points
Scenario 3
Not Qualified Shell 0 Point 30 Points 30 X 0 =
0 Extra Point
Any other BonusLink Partner 30 Points
12. Is there a minimum amount per transaction?
You will need to spend RM30 at Shell to qualify for the contest. No minimum amount is required for any other BonusLink Partners.
13. Do I have to submit receipts as proof-of-purchase?
No. All of Member's swipes during the contest period are electronically and automatically submitted when a Member makes a valid BonusLink swipe with his/her purchases at any of BonusLink Partners' outlets.
14. I normally collect Points automatically from certain Partners without swiping my BonusLink Card. Will those Points be included to get the additional 200X Points?
Yes, BonusLink Points collected from Partners like DiGi, MBF Cards, Allianz and Public Bank will automatically be included and the accumulated number of Points will be multiplied 200 times.
15. Can Points received from all BonusLink Partners be included in this Contest?
Points from all our Partners listed in our website will be included.
16. Will the Extra Points I receive from BonusLink Partners be included in the winnings?
Sorry no, only Normal Points will be included. Please check our website to see the Normal Points Structure.
17. How many winners will there be and how many prizes altogether?
There will be a total of 1,001 winners weekly and 13,013 winners in total.
18. Will all winners be rewarded the same way?
One lucky winner a week will be selected to win 1million BonusLink Points while the others will receive either 100X or 200X BonusLink Points weekly.
19. Can I win more than 1 prize?
No, one winner is entitled to only one prize.
20. How do you determine the winners?
The Eligible Members will be randomly selected via a winner's selection software in the presence of an external auditor. Selected Eligible Members must correctly answer question(s) about BonusLink or Shell in order to win. If the selected Eligible Member answers the question(s) incorrectly, another Eligible Member will be selected. The decision of BonusKad Loyalty Sdn Bhd is final.
21. Is there a limit to the amount of Points a Member can win?
Yes, maximum Points awarded for every Standard Point collected is 30,000 BonusLink Points.
22. How will the winners be notified?
Winners will be notified through telephone, email or mail. The full listing of winners will be made available at www.shell.com.my and www.bonuslink.com.my
23. When will the Extra BonusLink Points be credited?
Extra Points from your accumulated purchases will be awarded 2-4 weeks from date of announcement.
24. When will the winners be announced?
Tier 1 weekly winners will be announced at the Shell and BonusLink websites 3 weeks after the transaction dates. Tier 2 winners' announcement will be made in major dailies in mid January 2012 and mid March 2012.


* Terms & Conditions apply.
* BonusLink reserves the right to, at any time, change the Points structure/offers or any part of the Terms & Conditions without prior notice.